Services for our Comox District Teachers   

The CDTA and the BCTF have an excellent program called the Health & Wellness Program.
This program is designed to help people remain at their current FTE or to help people increase their FTE by working on their wellness plan. Once on the program you get access to a local, one on one consultant  (Nelda Adamus-Living With Balance & Ergonomic Assessments , Lara Williams-Case Management or Judy Spencer) that will work with you in any area that you need help on in your life. This person will even go to your doctor’s appointments with you to act as an advocate if needed. Because of this, it is always useful to be referred to the plan right away.

This program is available to all teachers who currently have a contract. You do not have to be on a medical leave to access this program. This program can be used to help you maintain balance in your life. You can also get ergonomic assessments at any time if you are feeling any physical pain at work. Your employer has an obligation to accommodate you if you are in pain, but you need to go through the process to get assessed by an ergonomic specialist. Our local health & wellness consultant, Nelda Adamus, is a trained ergonomic specialist. If you are feeling any of the main symptoms of stress such as headaches, upset stomach, low energy/always tired, tense muscles, feeling overwhelmed, nervousness, trouble sleeping, trouble eating, or irritability it is strongly recommended that you consider referring yourself to the Health & Wellness program to start to develop a plan to help yourself.

Please know that SD71 fully supports this program and the district actively refers teachers to the CDTA who they think would benefit from the program. No matter what stage you are at in your teaching career, you may need some help. This program can meet everyone’s needs. 
If you think that you could benefit from this program you can self-refer yourself on the BCTF website at the following link:  
Health & Wellness Referral Program Form

This is a part of your benefits and it is a program that you can call 24/7 for help on many, many 
issues. The number is 1-800-663-1142. Here is a link to the brochure:  EFAP overview  

This is a part of your benefits and it is a program that you can call 24/7 for help on many, many
issues. The number is 1-800-663-1142. Here is a link to the brochure:
Finally, some teachers won’t use sick days because they are afraid of running out of them. Please know 
that you pay into a sick leave insurance plan called the salary indemnity plan (SIP). In a nutshell, this plan pays for an additional 120 sick days for you every year if you need them. The amount you get per day is actually about 55% of your regular pay, but it is tax free so your take home pay is about 70-75% of what you normally get. This may be the best program that the BCTF has for teachers, and many teachers know nothing about it! Knowing that this is there can take the stress out of deciding whether or not to use your sick days. You will still have an income if you need to be off sick when you are out of sick days. Every teacher on contract can access this at any time. There is an application process, so any teacher that is getting low on sick days should be applying before you run out. The Health & Wellness plan consultant is well versed in this program and can help teachers know when it is the right time to access this program. For a SIP package please contact the office (250)338-1461 ext 3 or call Nelda at (250) 218-9852 for more info.

To reduce your assignment for medical reasons, first you need to go to your doctor and explain what symptoms you may be experiencing. You then need to have a conversation with your doctor about how to work on alleviating those symptoms. In essence, you need to work with your doctor to create a wellness plan. Quite often, a part of that plan is to reduce your teaching assignment or to take a full medical leave for a set period of time. Your doctor will need to complete some SD71 paperwork in order for that to happen. You should take the paperwork with you to the first appointment.

If your doctor is unsure about your return to work date he/she should write the word “unknown.” This means that your medical leave will continue for the rest of the current school year unless your doctor clears you to return earlier.
Here is the link to the form for a full medical leave of more than 20 working days: FULL MEDICAL FORM SD71

Here is the link to the form for a partial medical leave: PARTIAL MEDICAL LEAVE FORM SD71
(this is called having the ability to work with limitations – the limitation can be the amount of time you can work in a day or the number of days you can work in a week)

When you are ready to return to work full time you will need your doctor to clear you to return to work using the form at this link: RETURN TO WORK MEDICAL FORM SD71 
Please be aware that you need to give 10 working days’ notice in order to increase your assignment once your partial or full medical leave starts. The 10 days begins when you hand the form in to HR. 
If you are on a partial medical leave and you and your doctor decide that you need to make changes to your work schedule for medical reasons then you need to have the “ability to work with limitations” form completed again with the updated information. Please note that some doctors charge fees for completing forms. These fees are the responsibility of the teacher to pay.

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